Emotional glossary from “Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect, Webb, J.”


Tearful, Sorrowful, Pained, Grief, Anguish, Desperate, Low, Pessimistic, Unhappy, Grieved, Mournful, Grave, Dismayed, Bummed, Despondent, Heavy-hearted, Scorned, Grey, Miserable, Blue, Longing, Disappointed, Grim, Gloomy, Lost, Moody, Burdened, Discouraged, Let down.


Lousy, Dysphoric, Dreary, Dark, Black, Morose, Dour, Besieged, Morbid, Suicidal, Accursed, Abysmal, Ashamed, Diminished, Self-destructive, Self-abasing, Guilty, Dissatisfied, Loathsome, Worn out, Repugnant, Despicable, Abominable, Terrible, Despairing, Sulky, Bad, Sense of loss.


Aberrant, Maimed, Detestable, Ruined, Defiled, Scarred, Impure, Spoiled, Infected, Scathed, Beleaguered, Impaired, Disgusting, Crippled, Abhorred, Destroyed, Abnormal, Contaminated, Contemptible.


Awkward, Discomfit, Antsy, Disturbed, Sickened, Off-balance, Sour, Fidgety, Peculiar, Icky, Ill-tempered, Odd, Inappropriate, Out of it, Conspicuous, Off-center, Rotten, Discontented.


Misanthropic, Miffed, Irritated, Contemptuous, Fiery, Spiteful, Perturbed, Abrasive, Stewing, Seething, Livid, Confrontive, Pissed off, Bristling, Dangerous, Galled, Bugged, Disgruntled, Contentious, Abusive, Enraged, Surly, Bloodthirsty, Hostile, Insulting, Disgusted, Exasperated, Repulsed, Steamed, Dismayed, Frustrated, Revolted, Troubled, Cranky, Horrified, Furious, Outraged, Ticked off, Riled, Nauseated, Vicious, Wary, Sore, Annoyed, Upset, Hateful, Unpleasant, Offensive, Bitter, Aggressive, Aggravated, Appalled, Resentful, Inflamed, Provoked, Incensed, Infuriated, Cross, Worked up, Boiling, Fuming.


Mundane, Listless, Understimulated, Dreary, Tedious, Unchallenged, Bland, HURTFUL, Mean, Enraged, Rude, Retaliatory, Menacing, Ruthless, Mouthy, Nasty, Dangerous, Vengeful, Offensive, Malicious, Malignant, Malevolent, Cruel, Manipulative, Sadistic, Harmful, Controlling.


Exposed, Bullied, Corralled, Small, Susceptible, Expendable, Bare, Raw, Delicate, One-upped, Weak, Obscured, Little, Eclipsed, Controlled, Conned, Conspicuous, Sensitive, Constrained, Blind, Bested, Lost, Broken, One-down, Open, Captive.


Humiliated, Ashamed, Clumsy, Uncomfortable, Mortified, Awkward, Silly, Disgraced, Conspicuous, Foolish, Absurd.


Undeserving, Responsible, Rueful, Contrite, Regretful, Accountable, Remorseful, Culpable, Deceitful, Wrong, At fault, Faulty.


Abandoned, Antisocial, Outnumbered, Loveless, Estranged, Bypassed, Dissociated, Longing, Inaccessible, Friendless, Needy, Disregarded, Distant, Alienated, Desolate, Avoided, Apart, Disliked, Deserted, Aloof, Ignored, Dispossessed, Rejected, Isolated, Excluded, Jilted.


Rudderless, Planless, Scattered, Seeking, Stranded, Stumped.


Ambivalent, Puzzled, Uncertain, Conflicted, Indecisive, Hesitant, Misgiving, Lost, Unsure, Uneasy, At a loss, Tense, Perplexed, Flustered, Confused, Befuddled, Disconcerted, Mystified, Bewildered, Anxious, Muddled, Baffled, Addled, Distracted, Doubtful.


Agape Aghast, Agog, Flabbergasted, Stricken, Jolted, Stunned, Dumbstruck, Startled, Jarred, Astonished, Rattled, Dumbfounded, Dazed, Stupefied, Dumfounded, Astounded, Awestruck.


Averse, Hesitant, Against, Opposed, Quarrelsome, Resistant, Disharmonious, Rebellious, Oppositional, Stubborn, Recalcitrant.


Battle-worn, Worn, Overdrawn, Drained, Stretched, Pooped, Strained, Faint, Bedraggled, Dried up, Listless, Limp, Overloaded, Harried, Hassled, Downtrodden, Depleted, Exhausted, Done-in, Fried, Weary, Finished, Dispirited, Spent, Careworn, Used up.


Fear, Boxed-in, Cornered, Chilled, Suspicious, Anxious, Doubtful, Cowardly, Quaking, Menaced, Wary, Frightened, Jittery, Jumpy, Scared, Threatened, Terrified, Spooked, Shaken, Uneasy, Overwhelmed, Alarmed, Worried.


Daunted, Timid, Knotted, Self-conscious, Neurotic, Restless, Fretful, Stressed, Guarded, Ruffled, Skittish, Preoccupied, Frantic, Pell-mell, Obsessive, Shy, Overcome, Shaky, Jangled, Insecure, Nervous, Dreading, Panicky Unnerved Cautious Antsy.


Invalidated, Chastised, Invisible, Ridiculed, Screwed, Wronged, Abased, Punched, Humiliated, Squashed, Burned, Blamed, Annihilated, Rebuffed, Brutalized, Bushwhacked, Laughed at, Agonized, Heart-broken, Disrespected, Victimized, Insulted, Jilted, Cheated, Devalued, Forgotten, Intimidated, Neglected, Defeated, Persecuted, Put down, Oppressed, Slighted, Aching, Afflicted, Injured, Offended, Rejected, Assaulted, Dejected, Tortured, Pained, Deprived, Tormented, Bleeding, Crushed, Abused, Damaged, Ignored, Snubbed, Diminished, Betrayed, Deflated.


Bullied, Quashed, Mistreated, Scapegoated, Eviscerated, Jinxed, Hoodwinked, Suffocated, Intruded upon, Erased, Set up, Objectified, Railroaded, Reamed, Denounced, Emasculated, Controlled, Denigrated, Deceived, Bamboozled, Abused, Crushed, Duped, Devoured, Dumped-on, Cuckolded, Cursed, Degraded, Damned, Debased, Cheated, Cheated on, Deprived Crucified.


Mediocre, Unworthy, Incompetent, Spineless, Insecure, Meek, Insufficient, Powerless, Helpless, Inferior, Incapable, Useless, Inept, Unworthy, Weak, Pathetic, Worthless, One-down, Deficient, Enfeebled, Second rate.


Incapable Controlled Stifled Impotent, Paralyzed, Straight-jacketed, Stuck, Stonewalled, Micro-managed, Lame, Useless, Vulnerable, Hindered, Immobile, Ineffective, Futile, Forced, Despairing, Distressed, Pathetic, Dominated, Tragic, Woeful, Frustrated, Hesitant, Empty, Inferior, Fatigued, Alone, Overwhelmed.


Apathetic, Lifeless, Empty, Bland, Robotic, Dead, Disinterested, Emotionless, Lackadaisical, Banal, Blasé, Cavalier, Cold, Bored, Absent, Neutral, Weary, Reserved, Nonchalant, Insensitive, Uncaring, Dulled, Mindless.


Joyous, Mirthful, Peachy, Fortunate, Giddy, Exuberant, Buoyant, Delighted, Overjoyed, Gleeful, Thankful, Festive, Ecstatic, Satisfied, Glad, Cheerful, Sunny, Merry, Perky, Jubilant, Elated, Delirious, Soaring, Important, Lucky, Great, Sparkling, Bouncy, Blissful.


Understanding, Ready, Confident, Reliable, Kind, Accepting, Receptive, Satisfied, Sympathetic, Adventurous, Fun-loving, Boundless, Exultant, Interested, Free, Amazed, Easy, Aboard.


Playful, Courageous, Energetic, Glowing, Spunky, Liberated, Optimistic, Peppy, Reborn, Provocative, Impulsive, Free, Frisky, Animated, Electric, Spirited, Thrilled, Wonderful, Awake, Colorful, Glorious.


Serene, Relaxed, Deserving, Calm, Decent, Pleasant, At ease, Comfortable, Pleased, Clean, Fabulous, Encouraged, Surprised, Extraordinary, Smart, Clever, Content, Quiet, Bright, Pleased, Reassured, Sure, Certain.


Considerate Admiration Passionate, Devoted, Attracted, Cuddly, Tender, Sensitive, Caring, Affectionate, Love, Connection, Warmth.


Engrossed, Snoopy, Nosy, Concerned, Affected, Intrigued, Fascinated, Inquisitive, Rapt, Absorbed, Curious, Attentive, Aware, Imaginative.


Hardy, Tenacious, Resolute, Stable, Authoritative, Persevering, Revitalized, Brave, Unique, Dynamic, Nervy, Moral, Influential, Feisty, Rebellious, Outspoken, Sure, Ethical, Certain, Free, Clear, Graceful, In control, Confrontive, Reliable, Able, Accomplished, Assertive, Assured, Solid, Capable, Competent, Courageous.


Enthusiastic, Excited, Eager, Keen, Earnest, Intent, Anxious, Determined, Inspired, Complimented, Productive, Pumped, Sincere, Hopeful.


Adequate, Okay, Good enough, Average, Functional, Legitimate.


Admired, Pampered, Appreciated, Accommodated, Esteemed, Honored.


Appreciative, Grateful, Obliged, Beholden, Owing, SMART, Heady, Intelligent, Bright, Accurate, Brainy, Focused, Brilliant, Knowing, Decisive, Clear, Quick, Informed, Observant, Articulate, Imaginative, Logical, Mature, Sagacious, Wise, Skilled, Thoughtful, Sensible.


Benevolent, Loving, In tune, Connected, Empathetic, Selfless, Sympathetic, Gracious, Dedicated, Attached, Loyal, Generous, Affectionate, Responsible, Warm, Nurturing, Cuddly, Communicative.


Calm, Breezy, Sleepy, Released, Chill, Resolved.


Captivating, Pretty, Funny, Jazzy, Irresistible, Handsome, Good-looking, Desirable, Appealing, Popular, Lovely, Beautiful, Hot, Gorgeous, Interesting, Dandy, Sexy, Dapper, Well-dressed, Coordinated, Stylish, Debonair.