Citat fra Pierre Bourdieu’s “Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste”

Bourdieu opfordrer i sin bog til at tilføje en yderligere komponent til at bedømme en persons status i et samfund; nemlig kulturel kapital. Dette udøves gennem retten til, at definere hvad god smag er. Dette er udover økonomisk og social kapital.

…I do indeed emphasize the particularity of the French tradition, namely, the persistence, through different epochs and political regimes, of the aristocratic model of ‘court society’, personified by a Parisian haute bourgeoisie which, combining all forms of prestige and all the titles of economic and cultural nobility, has no counterpart elsewhere, at least for the arrogance ofits cultural judgements. It would, however, be a mistake to regard all that is said here about the social uses of art and culture as a collection of Parisian curiosities and frivolities-and not only because, as Erving Goffman once pointed out to me, the Parisian version of the art of living has never ceased to exert a sort of fascination in the ‘Anglo Saxon’ world, even beyond the circle of snobs and socialites, thereby at taining a kind of universality.

The model of the relationships between the universe of economic and social conditions and the universe of life-styles which is put forward here, based on an endeavour to rethink Max Weber’s opposition between class and Stand, seems to me to be valid beyond the particular French case and, no doubt, for every stratified society, even if the system of distinctive features which express or reveal economic and social differences ( themselves variable in scale and structure) varies considerably from one period, and one society, to another.1

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  1. Pierre Bourdieu, 1984, Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste (Preface to tbe Englisb Language Edition) [return]